VME Welcomes Inventors!

We're Looking for New Ideas! We are constantly looking for new and innovative product ideas. If you read how VME was founded (see About Us), it's apparent that inventors are everyday people just like you. It's often the case that having an idea is not enough to successfully bring it to market.

At VME, we have that experience and would be happy to help you take your product to market. We have a few simple criteria that you must meet to be eligible, but once you meet these criteria we will be happy to help you become a successful inventor.

  1. The product must have understandable value. Just because you can invent something, doesn't always mean you should.
  2. You must have filed for a patent or a provisional patent for the idea. We don't want to get into risky legal territory, and the best way to do that is to ensure that you own or are on your way to owning your innovation.
  3. You must have a working prototype. We need to see that your idea really works before we can support it.

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